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Tips for the first dance

Fine Art Wedding Film had the opportunity to film the official video invite to the Rendezvous wedding expo and get to meet the dancer instructors in the process. We asked Mitzi, the owner of a Rendezvous dance studio, Rockville, more insights into dance tips for weddings.

What is the biggest fear of the couple on their wedding day?

The biggest fear of most couples is the fear of dancing in front of many people. They are nervous about being embarrassed in front of friends and relatives. The couple can overcome this fear through learning from professional dance instructors, practicing the dance steps and choreography numerous times.


What are the benefits of dance classes?

I have seen couples that are very nervous at their first wedding dance lesson but at the same time, they are very excited. This is completely normal unless one or both are already great dancers which is very seldom. As the lessons progress, the couple begins to relax and have fun feeling more confident on the dance floor. Learning dancing together creates a closer relationship and bonding. I hear a lot of giggles and laughter on the dance floor with wedding couples. Dancing is a lifetime of learning. This will create a happy and very memorable wedding day and also a foundation of many years ahead enjoying to dance together and having fun while doing it. Last but not the least, dancing is an exercise in disguise. Couples will get to live healthier through dancing.


What tips can you give for the first dance?

  1. Wear the right shoes – we recommend using the same or similar shoes during the lessons and on the wedding day during the first dance.
  2. Pick the music that you really love and that has a sentimental meaning to you – this music will certainly make you move and enjoy the dance.
  3. Have the music ready and discuss with the DJ how and when to play the music.
  4. Plan ahead of time and get plenty of practice.
  5. Just have fun, after all this is your Big Day and everyone is there to have fun with you.

Tell us about your classes:

Wedding Dance Classes at Rendezvous are tailored to the wedding couple’s needs. We teach the wedding couple the basics of the dance, the choreography and the entrance and exit of the entire song. Some couples will learn the dance in just 4 lessons, others will need up to 10 lessons. Our studio offers a special for 4 lessons at 55 min each at $299.00 including 4 hours of free practice at the studio. Our dance instructors are the best at what they do, so no matter what type of song or dance is selected by the wedding couple we make it easy for them to shine on the dance floor on their Big Day.

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