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How do photographers and videographers work together on the wedding day?

How do photographers and videographers work together on the wedding day? This is a question we often get at the consultation we have with couples. As we see it the wedding is a cooperation of many professionals working towards a common goal: a happy stress-free wedding day. Over the years we have been fortunate to have made great friends in the wedding and film industry, a lot of them are photographers we have worked with. Here you can watch the artist profile we have created for Matthew Carr photography.

Matthew and Krystal Carr are highly professional wedding photographers and amazing people so we have decided to ask them the same question: ”How do photographers and videographers work together?” Lets see what they have to say.

“At the end of the day, all service providers- from the make-up artist, photographer, DJ, all the vendors should have the ultimate goal to allow the bride and groom to have the best day. It is up the photographer and videographer to ensure that they have enough creative scope and space to allow them to capture the day best they can. It has always been a pleasure to work with Fine Art wedding Film. They have that same mindset to provide the best experience possible for the bride and groom.

I always enjoy seeing what they come up with during the couple shoot. They bring in motion into the shots. It also makes it easier for me as I can take more shots while they are directing the couple. I have never felt that they get in the way of shots which is really something that happens a lot with other videographers.

I can’t think of any moment on a wedding where I felt I wished they were not in my shot. I love their work, I love the way they edit, the cinematic feel of the videos, and especially how they deal with the client. Often we go over to the groom together and I really like their interaction with the people.“


We also asked Matthew how he started his photography company.

“I had to put a photo of myself and Krystle, my beautiful wife, as without her I would not be the photographer or the person I am today. Krystle started off assisting me but has now come on board full time and together we run Matthew Carr Photography. When we first started dating Krystle had a terrible 4mp Samsung point and shoot. Almost all of our early relationship was documented using that little camera. Our first DSLR was a Sony we bought when we started traveling. I loved that Sony and was distraught after realizing it was missing on a late night subway trip in Asia. After that Sony we bought our first Nikon and haven’t looked back. We shared a common love for photography from day one and we feel like we bring all of our experiences to every shoot. There isn’t a day that goes by without some form of photography in our lives. Nothing makes us happier than sharing a special day with you. Every wedding we shoot brings us closer and we feel that shows in our photographs and in the relationships we share with our clients. We put our love and passion into all aspects of our business”

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