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, Elopement?

What is considered an “elopement” in the wedding industry?

To elope which literally means to run away and not come back to the place of origin has gotten a new meaning with regards to weddings. More and more couples choose an elopement not because they want to get married in secret, but because they opt for a smaller, more intimate celebration.

Often elopements are arranged in some stunning natural locations, but city elopements are popular too. Elopements differ on the number of guests, starting with only a couple on their own and ranging to about 30 guests.

Pluses of the elopement for the couple:

  • For those who love adventure and traveling an elopement offers unlimited opportunities.
  • The elopement allows the couple to cut on the cost of having lots of guests and focus on the things that are the priority for them.
  • Instead of being a one-day event an elopement can be a weekend or even a week-long celebration.
  • Couples that are affected by COVID-19 restrictions, often opt for having a smaller wedding on their original date. A popular option is an elopement in the near future followed by a full-on wedding celebration when the restrictions will be lifted.
  • Elopements are perfect for creating gorgeous photos and wedding films. They allow more time for filming than a traditional wedding with a rather strict schedule and elopements are often held in picturesque locations which are the key element to those unbelievable photos and wedding films we enjoy watching.

FINE ART WEDDING FILM says a definite “yes” to elopements and we have three of them coming soon. We can’t wait to share with you what they will look like.

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