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1. What is your style?

The best way to know our style is to watch our videos. You will see that all our movies are cinematically filmed but they do differ in terms of editing pace, soundscape and story structure. While watching it is important to note what you like and then to let us know what elements you prefer. In terms of couple shoot on your wedding day, we provide gentle guidance for you to feel and move naturally in front of the camera.

2. Do you have experience in the film industry?

Yes, Desmond has over 17 years of experience in the film industry. Over this time he has won multiple awards, worked on international films and produced several feature movies. Desmond has an honors degree in communication science specializing in film directing. He has been selected for international masterclasses and mentored by acclaimed filmmakers. Desmond’s background in film and passion for storytelling offers him valuable insight in crafting wedding stories. Vera has assisted Desmond on various film projects and has since developed her skills in cinematography and her eye for visual aesthetics.

3. Do you work well with other vendors?

We come from the film industry and have a very good understanding of different departments working together for a shared goal. Our goal is for you to have an amazing wedding while looking and feeling your best and afterward enjoy the movie that will bring back great memories.

4. Do you do custom packages?

Sure, we do. We don’t want you to pay anymore than you should, so just get in touch with us and we will work you out the price based on your specific needs. We usually do custom packages for multi-day weddings, destination weddings, elopements, pre-wedding events and rehearsal dinners.

5. Do you have experience in filming different type of ceremonies?

Yes, we do. We have experience in filming Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Catholic and traditional African ceremonies. We pay attention to the rituals of different religions and are grateful for being allowed to film them. We do make custom packages for multi-day weddings to ensure that you get a better price for more than one day of filming.

6. Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, of course. We travel both locally and internationally, for destination weddings and elopements. We don’t charge within 50 miles from our premises and we try to keep our costs to the minimum from there on. With destination weddings and elopements, we understand that there are extra costs involved and so we include a complimentary pre-day shoot. We also make extra cost-effective custom packages for our favourite destinations.

7. Do you charge for extra hours?

No, we don’t. When you book one of our wedding packages, we will be there for you for the whole day. Even though carefully planned, weddings often run late and we wouldn’t want you to worry on your wedding day whether you should pay us more for extra time. Our packages are not based on hours either. In order to give you our absolute best, we invest time in filming. We usually come early, before the bride starts with her makeup and take some venue shots. We leave after all the formalities are done.

8. What equipment do you use?

Because you are worth it, we have invested in top of the line equipment. We film on professional 4k cameras, including the URSA used for shooting big feature movies such as the Hobit, the incredibly powerful low light sensitive Canon 5D Mark IV, prime lenses, support systems such as the DJI Ronin Steadicam, crisp sound Lavier lapel microphones, Zoom desk recorders, timelapse cameras, Phantom 4 Pro Drone and more.

9. Do you use drones for every wedding?

We do use drones if time, weather and venue allow. Package 3 includes drone shots complimentarily and we believe that they can bring a whole new dimension to your wedding movie. Contact us for custom quote for your package.

10. Do I need a 4k feature film package?

4k Resolution has 4 times the number of pixels compared to full HD. It means that the video is 4 times as clear and much sharper. If you choose to invest in superior quality go with our new 4k feature film package.

11. Why is a couple shoot/ engagement shoot a good idea?

A couple shoot before the wedding allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera. You get to know us and the way we work. This shoot allows more time than your wedding day to compose great couple shots. This is an intimate portrait of your relationship before the wedding. You can also use the couple shoot as your “Save the date” video.

12. What are your “Save the date” and “Thank you card” videos?

Instead of traditional printed cards, you can send your guests a personal video invitation. This “Save the date” video has all the benefit of the couple shoot (see above section) plus it will spare you the trouble of sending traditional invitation letters. “Thank you card” is a video composed of special moments of your wedding and sent to your guests to say thanks for attending and is a beautiful reminder of your day.

13. How about secret proposals?

It is a thrilling idea to document the moment you have asked for her hand and the raw emotions that follow. If you want us to film the proposal secretly we will go an extra mile for you.

14. How do you choose music?

Music is an integral part of your wedding film, as it sets its mood and its pace. We take time to choose the music that will work well with the sounds and visuals of your day. We spare you from any legal complications by using only the music we have the legal rights to and we give you access to our cinematic music library so you can indicate what music you prefer. Finally, we can guide you through the process of getting a license for your favorite popular song if you choose to.

15. Do you bring lights?

We enjoy natural light and shoot with prime lenses and cameras that are exceptionally good in low light. However, if it is really essential for the quality of your movie, we might use small camera lights.

16. What if it is rainy weather?

We as a team don’t let weather, change of plans or any other unexpected events keep us from finding creative ways to best tell your story. We have filmed on rainy, stormy and windy days before and the dramatic moody shots we got were something extraordinary. Imagine the couple being filmed in a romantic spot, close to the fire while rain is slowly dripping on the window and you will understand why we are not afraid of rainy days.

17. Can we get the raw footage of the wedding?

Yes, you can. We have several optional add ons available and purchasing raw footage is one of them. It is a great idea for those who want to see everything that didn’t make it into the wedding film and for those who want to do their own additional edits.

18. Do you do Instagram sneak peek videos of the wedding?

Yes, we do. We create a custom edited teaser of your wedding movie for additional price.

19. Can we meet before the wedding?

Yes, we can. When you let us know that you are interested in our services, we will book you a complimentary consultation. We will be glad to meet you in person or if not possible we can make use of technology.

20. How do we book you?

Firstly contact us to inquire if your date is still available. Once we confirmed your day is open, we can take you through our process, answer all your questions and find the package option most suitable for you. To secure your date we require a 50 percent deposit.